Can I have multiple accounts?

  • A Trader can simultaneously have several Qualification and Live accounts;
  • All additional accounts created by a trader must be under the same Rithmic User ID
    (Inside 1 account that is used to log in to the member’s area);
  • There is no limit on the number of accounts a trader can register.

Multiple Accounts

A trader can subscribe to several Qualification Accounts at the same time if they are all approved and registered under the same Rithmic User ID (Inside 1 account that is used to log in to the member’s area).

Traders are allowed to manage more than one Live Account at the same time after approval. Each subsequent Live Account is reviewed individually and could be added when Max Drawdown reaches the initial starting balance. Several Live Accounts cannot be combined into one larger account. Please contact support if more details are needed.

Only one Rithmic User ID Allowed

A trader can only register ONE login at Rithmic User ID will be created when subscribing to a Qualification Account. Since the trader will have only ONE login on, accordingly, there will also be only ONE Rithmic User ID.

To subscribe for additional Qualification Accounts:

  1. Log in to your account at using your username and password;
  2. Inside your account, open the Briz Account tab and select one of the additional accounts;
  3. Subscribe for additional account.

All additional accounts will be automatically linked to your Rithmic User ID, for example:

BT-USERNAME – Rithmic User ID
(Used to log in to Rithmic and connect trading platform to the market data)

USERNAME-ACNBR – (Account used to trade)

USERNAME-ACNBR2 – (Account used to trade)

USERNAME-ACNBR3 – (Account used to trade)

Important: If it is found that a trader has registered several logins on and has several Rithmic User IDs from, then we reserve the right to completely delete the Rithmic User ID and block the trader’s profile without a refund.

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