How can I withdraw my profits?

On the Live Account, the trader is paid directly for the results achieved.

  • The first $10,000 earned is withdrawn to the trader’s bank account without any commission;
  • Thereafter, $50,000, the company’s commission is 20% of the profit the remaining 80% is received by the trader;
  • After the withdrawal of the first $50,000, the company’s commission is 10% of the profit; the remaining 90% is received by the trader.

The commission is charged at the time of transfer of funds to a personal bank account.

Payment could be requested anytime during the calendar month. All payments are processed on the 1st and 16th day of every month.

Requirements: The request for the 1st payout could be performed after the Trader has been traded for at least 30 or more individual trading days. A request for the 2nd, and 3rd payments could be performed after the Trader has traded at least 20 individual trading days after the Trader’s last withdrawal. 4th and subsequent payments could be performed after the Trader has traded at least 10 individual trading days after the Trader’s last withdrawal.

The minimum withdrawal of 1-3 payments is $1,000. (For a $7,500 and $15,000 account, the minimum withdrawal is $500) The maximum withdrawal amount must be under the max payout limit and adhere to the minimum amount left to trade.

The withdrawal safety threshold reserve limits. The withdrawal safety threshold reserve is defined as the minimum amount required to remain in the Trader’s Account to be able to withdraw.

Payout requestTrading days required*The minimum account balance that must remain after the withdrawal of fundsMinimum payoutMax payout
$7,500 Account
2nd20 from last withdrawal$8,200$500$700
3rd20 from last withdrawal$8,200$500$1,400
4th+10 from last withdrawal$8,200$500NO LIMIT
$15,000 Account
2nd20 from last withdrawal$15,900$500$900
3rd20 from last withdrawal$15,900$500$1,800
4th+10 from last withdrawal$15,900$500NO LIMIT
$30,000 Account
2nd20 from last withdrawal$31,800$1,000$1,800
3rd20 from last withdrawal$31,800$1,000$3,600
4th+10 from last withdrawal$31,800$1,000NO LIMIT
$60,000 Account
2nd20 from last withdrawal$62,400$1,000$2,400
3rd20 from last withdrawal$62,400$1,000$4,800
4th+10 from last withdrawal$62,400$1,000NO LIMIT
$120,000 Account
2nd20 from last withdrawal$124,000$1,000$4,000
3rd20 from last withdrawal$124,000$1,000$8,000
4th+10 from last withdrawal$124,000$1,000NO LIMIT
$240,000 Account
2nd20 from last withdrawal$245,000$1,000$5,000
3rd20 from last withdrawal$245,000$1,000$10,000
4th+10 from last withdrawal$245,000$1,000NO LIMIT
$360,000 Account
2nd20 from last withdrawal$367,500$1,000$7,500
3rd20 from last withdrawal$367,500$1,000$15,000
4th+10 from last withdrawal$367,500$1,000NO LIMIT
$500,000 Account
2nd20 from last withdrawal$515,500$1,000$15,500
3rd20 from last withdrawal$515,500$1,000$31,000
4th+10 from last withdrawal$515,500$1,000NO LIMIT
*A trading day is a day when at least one trade was placed

Traders are not entitled to withdraw safety threshold reserves.

When a trader requests a withdrawal, a tax form will also be sent to pay taxes to an address that has been provided in the personal profile. Withdrawal could be requested via ACH/Wire Transfer, PayPal, Crypto (USDT).

Traders who trade and receive payment on the Live Account are independent contractors. Form 1099-Misc Non-Employee Compensation will be mailed for US citizens or W-8BEN for foreign citizens.

The Live Account intended for advanced training and paid based on performance. Traders with proven results-oriented for a long-term relationship would receive on an individual basis a unique offer from our capital partners. The conditions and terms are discussed individually with each trader. The trader has a choice to continue to trade on the Live Account or to be transferred to our partners’ account.

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