How do I qualify?

  1. Complete the One-step evaluation program;
  2. Choose preferred Account Size and get your credentials immediately to start your evaluation process;
  3. Reach profit targets, switch to live account and get the real income.

SIMPLE, NO FUSS, NO CONTROL OVER HOW TO DO IT, ALL YOU NEED JUST TO HIT YOUR TARGET. Traders can join us with evaluation accounts anytime and as often as they like!

Evaluation accounts:

  • No scaling of contracts;
  • Free NinjaTrader License Key;
  • Manage Risk;
  • One reason to reset;
  • Multiple concurrent accounts under 1 login;
  • Trade during news events;
  • Freely practice your trading strategy.

What is meant by a trading day?

The trading day starts at 5:00 pm and ends at 4:00 pm the next day, North American Central Standard Time (CST).

Maximum Position Size:

The maximum position size depends on the selected account. A trader can have several positions at the same time.


The trader’s objective is to reach a profit target to get to the Live-Account and do not allow the maximum drawdown on the account.

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