What is an Evaluation account?

We evaluate the traders before giving them the actual money to trade, this process called evaluation, and it is a simple trading for specified target for minimum of 10 trading days, if you hit your target on 10 trading days or longer, you can go as long as you try to hit your target.

We offer you the following services to start your career as a trader:

  • Trade full size contracts;
  • Only ONE trading step of 10 trading days;
  • NO scaling requirements;
  • If you trade too many contracts, it simply rejects the trade, it does not fail you;
  • No daily drawdown (unlike competitors);
  • Trade on holidays & during the news (you can take advantage of high-volatility market);
  • A simple rule manages risk with a large live trailing threshold;
  • Trade on any strategy that suits you best;
  • Multiple accounts accepted to spread risk and increase profits;
  • Least expensive reset fee;
  • Trade anywhere with access to Internet;
  • FREE real-time data included + ability to use level 2 data;
  • FREE NinjaTrader license.

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