When do I need to reset?

When you reach the  maximum drawdown, a message will be displayed whenever you are trying to place the order. This is the time when you must reset by updating the account balance.

The reset is processed immediately, a notification about the reset will be sent by email.

The reset only updates the initial balance so that the trader can continue to trade on the account to which he is subscribed. All previous gains or losses will not be counted. Also, all previous active trading days will not count towards a minimum of 10 trading days. The trader will again need to trade 10 trading days to build consistency back.


Reset does not change the expiration date of the qualification account subscription. The subscription is automatically renewed every 30 days until you cancel it yourself.

The reset fee is $79.

How to reset:

1. Log in to your account at members.briztrading.com using your username and password.

2. Inside your profile account, select “reset account”

3. Follow the instructions to pay for the reset.

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