Trade our capital

Just three steps to start trading big capital. Just one requirement – reach your profit target without hitting the maximum drawdown. The trading platform, connection to the market – included for free. You can trade and generate income in the futures market immediately after registration, with no risk to your capital. All risk on us!

Build a trading career without risking your capital

Most of the traders are entering market with little money that, they have in disposals and up to 90% of them fail, because they run out of capital, where many of them could have achieved profitability, if there was capital available to them.

Here at Briz Trading, we are providing traders with the funds needed so that they don’t have to risk their hard-earned cash and risk it in unknown territory of trade.

While you are learning how to trade, or you are a seasoned trader but short of cash, you can rely on us. Here we are to help you to achieve your goals!


Select the optimal account size for you

Subscribe to what you think you can achieve, and also add as many accounts as you need. You can spread the risks by adding more accounts. 


Achieve consistency

To become a profitable trader, you must achieve consistency, find your perfect pattern and stick to it without changing your approach every time you lose.

One thing you have to get used to in trading is losing trades. You shouldn’t change your approach because you’ve lost several times in a row.

Losing is a constant part of trading, NOT ALL trades have to be winning, but manage your losses so that you are profitable in the long run.


Qualify and go LIVE

When you reach the required account profit target, you have taken an amazing step toward economic freedom. From that point on, all of your trading results matter. Start taking out the profits and building your wealth.

Compare the different approaches

We offer two types of qualifications that have the same goal of making the jump to a live account from which you can withdraw profits. If you are confident in your abilities – you might want to try the 14-day qualification. If you want to build your account slowly, choose the standard qualification program.

Program Feature
Standard Qualification
⚡ Flash Pass

Qualification Time Limit

Not Limited in Time

Standard evaluation account has no time limit in which you must reach the goal, It can take as much time as your trading strategy/style requires.

14 Days Limit

Flash Pass qualification goal should be reached within a 14 days time period. If the profit target is not reached within 14 days – you need to qualify again.


Monthly Subscription

Standard Evaluation is a 30 days subscription program. The renewal on 30 days is automatic and not refundable.

Flash Pass REFUND

After reaching the profit target and activating the account, the cost of the 14-day package will be fully refunded to the trader.

Reset FEE

Account Reset FEE [$79]

The cost of account reset if MAX Trailing Drawdown was exceeded. Reset FEE is always the same for each account, regardless of the selected account size.

Not Available

Flash Pass account cannot be reset. If you hit the trailing drawdown limit, and you want to continue trading – you need to sign up for a new account.

NinjaTrader Licence

Included for FREE [$75/month value]

We provide NinjaTrader Platform licence for FREE when you sign up for any account presented on our website.

Real-Time Data FEES

Included for FREE [$55/month value]

When you sign up for an account, we provide free access to Real-Time Market Data for each of your account for FREE.

Trading Days

Minimum 10 Trading Days Required

Trading should be carried out at least 10 trading days. Only days when at least one order has been placed count as a trading day.

Daily Drawdown

NO Daily Drawdown Limit

We do not set the maximum acceptable drawdown per day for a trader. Each trader sets the acceptable risk himself. The main rule is not to go beyond the trailing drawdown limit.

Scaling Penalty

NO Scaling Penalty

We do not limit the trader’s position size as the account grows. Full position size is available immediately according to the selected account parameters.